Expert in digital documents from the very first stage of it creation, we develop and provide high added value cloud service platforms

Our three main targets:

  • Content Publisher (Digital Publishing)
  • Distribution Networks (B2BC or B2B)
  • Professional Training (e-learning)


Our team is made of 40 high-qualified co-workers

Organized in 4 poles:

  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: our team of engineers designs products and services for our customers
  • PRODUCTION: in collaboration with the content publishers, Immanens Production Team (IPT) makes sure the delivery of the documents is fully operational
  • PROJECT: our project managers imagine and coordinate the operational implementation of services, projects and applications
  • SALES: our sales representatives build valuable relationships with our customers


Our main concerns are our customer satisfaction, a business approach to problems, and R&D

Indeed, Immanens is particularly involved in collaborative R&D projects, on a national and international level

  • MOOCTAB: ITEA project, 10 partners, on MOOC platforms, http://mooctab.com (in progress)
  • OPC: Open Publishing Cloud, 14 partners: tools and methods for cloud digital publishing
  • MARGUERITE TAB: 6 partners: platform for digital education
  • B2M: 10 partners, content distribution by Hertzian network