Immanens covers all the needs of content digitization up to their delivery and helps you find the best solution to develop your business:

  • Implementation of B2B or B2B2C web or mobile service platforms corresponding to your business models
  • Management of single-title or multi-titles digital subscriptions
  • Tools for prospection and generating qualified leads
  • Assistance to increase digital reader customer loyalty thanks to behavioral analytics
  • Brand content distribution: promotion of a partner, a sponsor
  • PDF to XML conversion in order to capture the articles as they were published; precise data markup, supply of knowledge bases, routing to aggregators, and integration into digital products.
  • Automated creation of digital special issues by re-using the contents already present in the base (repack)


Immanens designs single-title applications or multi-title kiosks to rapidly deliver all your optimized contents safely.

Delimobi s a customizable application generator giving your readership an immersive experience.

Accessible on tablets and smartphones, Android and iOS. Its functional coverage is rich: secure downloading, detail sale, subscription management, full text search and statistics.

This generator is also available under white label SDK.

Pressview is the counterpart of Delimobi in streaming mode.

It can be run on a PC, Mac or Smartphone web browser. Based on an html5 responsive design e-reader, it offers a page mode (PDF) or article (zoned XML) reading experience.

This service also makes it possible to enhance your collections, contents or documents by creating digital libraries equipped with a powerful search engine.

Layout is the best solution to develop original digital products with a design fully adapted to digital media thanks to an innovative digital editing table.

Based on a template principle, it is possible to build in a few minutes (or even automatically) a personalized and enriched digital version. This tool also enables the rapid creation of thematic digital Special Issues by re-using older contents (repack) to promptly react to the latest news.

Try the digital repack!

Reflow factory: your PDF are converted into XML at a very reasonable price.

Thanks to its proprietary technology, Reflow can achieve an unrivalled extensive article and data tagging, for a more enjoyable and accurate reading experience on smartphone. You can also index these XMLs in knowledge bases, re-use them in repack, or deliver them to third parties.

Readee combines a download platform and reading apps dedicated to books.

Its main features are:
1. high-quality EPUB3 and PDF e-readers
2. integration in any type of store
3. content security thanks to Sony URMS technology which is more flexible and efficient than Adobe's DRM

Immanens is a partner of Readium and Sony.

Go2epub is an SaaS platform to convert your PDF automatically into ePub3 fixed layout.

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