Immanens provides SPOC Pro, an original offer in the field of professional training

A solution particularly adapted to:

  • The actors involved in digital transition or important evolution of the business environment
  • Management of transitional implementation of new standards; preparation for certification
  • Process training: equipment implementation or maintenance, industrial production line...
  • Professional training organizations, Apprenticeship centres...

An innovative e-learning platform

4 high performance cloud functions

1. An open edX MOOC platform core with:

  • A CMS (Content Management System) enabling the teacher, teaching engineer or trainer to describe and structure the pedagogical contents
  • A LMS (Learning Management System) which is the work interface and follow-up of the courses for learners

3. A virtual classroom:

  • Videoconferencing, chatting, screen sharing...
  • Enhancing blended learning (a combination of autonomous learning and synchronous sessions)

2. A virtualized work environment:

  • Pre-customizable and very easily activated for the learner, it gives access to professional softwares
  • It simplifies learning by doing, and avoids investing in expensive equipment or licenses

4. Learning Map:

  • An editor software to model your area of expertise
  • The personal Learning Map enables the learner to browse the domain and visualize his/her progress