Albin Michel

Albin Michel

Keep your class interested!

The Albin Michel group is an educational publishing significant player, thanks to their brands i.e., Magnard, Vuibert, Delagrave, etc.

The objective of the FLEX project:

  • Develop a reusable unit approach, in order to make content more accessible and flexible.
  • Provide tools and a new digital experience regarding tutored teaching, to teachers and students alike.

We were able to meet their needs thanks to our Fluens platform.

A production platform

Immanens converts and enriches the content of printed textbooks into units.

Thanks to our Fluens production platform tool, publishers can reuse these contents to create new enhanced content. They can thus produce and customize the digital version of textbooks. Customization is done by adding interactive activities, videos, audios, to keep the readers engaged and create an immersive learning experience. Layout templates can also be chosen to vary the presentation of the different resources and make them relevant and interesting.

An app for teachers and students

Teachers can use the Fluens Learning Platform application to access all the contents of the digital textbook, create their own work sequences, give homework to their students, organize groups, etc.

Pupils can access their digital textbook with an enriched reading experience.

For the Publisher, the power of Fluens lies in the efficiency of the production phases and the flexibility of the Production Platform. It provides a wide range of opportunities and allows to capitalize on diversified resources. For teachers, the possibilities given by the Learning Platform open up the field of possibilities as far as digital education is concerned.

It’s crucial for the educators to keep up and be able to give the students an enhanced learning experience.
This can be done thanks to our Fluens Learning Platform because technology provides enormous support to the teacher as facilitator of learning.