Heroes Media

Heroes Media

The best of Motorbike/car/van/VW in a specialised and comprehensive kiosk!

Immanens supported Heroes Media during its complete web and digital redesign project.

We designed and built the sites, the kiosk and a shop.

Among the objectives:

  • Develop customer loyalty and sell via a digital kiosk for magazines for all existing and future brands.
  • Brand marketing: increase visibility of their digital contents for all the group’s brands via a website and a simple CMS.
  • Increase the turnover of the brands by creating an eCommerce site for additional sales (by-products or not: t-shirts, goodies, helmets, jackets, etc.).

10 one-page sites

A site has been created for each brand in order to enhance the brand image (BtoC) by promoting the latest issue, the newsstand and Instagram.

The kiosk

All brands are gathered in a single kiosk. This is where you will find the 10 publications and the 10 special editions of the group.
In this application, you can buy a document individually or take out a subscription according to the various offers provided.

Customised offers and delivery

Heroes Media decided to focus on increasing the value of their existing customers as well as acquiring new customers. This is why we responded to their request by creating offers specially adapted to their needs, managed by the kiosk but only available and visible via a direct link in a newsletter or a QR code.

The shop/store

The brand also offers the sale of products chosen and/or created by the company. To meet the aspirations of consumers, we have implemented a tailor-made e-commerce site!